Questions We Get Frequently Asked

Here's a list of some common questions.

  • What are your picture delivery specs?

    We request a Photo-Jpeg Quicktime Movie [.mov] with Visual Time Code [VTC] burn-in located in the upper right corner or in a non-obstructing area of the video.
    * We also accept h.264 Quicktime Movie [.mov] files if Photo-Jpeg is not available.

    Audio Channel Configuration for Quicktime files should be:
    Production / Dialogue Audio and any "Temp" ADR on Channel 1 [left] Sound Effects on Channel 2 [right]

    * No Music should be included on either Channel 1 or Channel 2, but is acceptable if delivered on either another channel of the Quicktime file or as separate audio file [.wav] reference.

    High-definition [HD] Quicktime files should be delivered in:
    Apple ProRes 422 Standard - * not LT or HQ * - with same audio channel configuration and time code burn-in as requested above.

  • What are your AAF/OMF delivery specs?

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  • How expensive are your services?

    It really depends on the project. There are several different variables in putting together a package or a bid.

    At Smart Post we take everything into account when collaborating with you. We have the means and support to provide the most efficient packages available. Our services are not only custom tailored to your projects needs, but also regarded as some of the best in the industry.

  • Are there any employment opportunities?

    At Smart Post our culture is “Partnership before Salesmanship” and this holds true even down to our hiring practices. We're always partnering with creators, storytellers and filmmakers - and have even hired some along the way. We're always open to discuss "potential opportunities" with anyone looking to partner with or collaborate in our organization. Feel free to email us anytime at bookit@smartpostatlanta.com for more info.

  • Where can I find more info on Smart Post Sound?

    You can find out more about Smart Post Sound at:


  • Where can I listen to Smart Post Sound's Smartcast?

    Smart Post Sound's Smartcast podcast can be listened to or downloaded on the following:

    Google Play
    TuneIn Radio