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Sound Design and Editorial

Sound Design & Editorial

Sound editorial and design is the process of identifying, creating, and sculpting the sounds that will comprise the final soundtrack of your project and support your story. Many creators believe they have finished the picture editing process with a pretty good track, but there is usually room for sonic improvements. We completely rebuild your dialog from dailies. We create, edit and sweeten multiple sound effects to give your track texture and depth. The result is a final mix that is creative and exciting for you to be part of. You'll love the end results of the mix, but you'll enjoy the process of getting there even more.

Re-recording Mixing

Re-recording Mixing

Our state of the art mix stages are controlled by various Avid mixing consoles and run Protools versions 12+ for television, feature film and gaming titles. We mix everything from theatrical features to TV documentaries and interactive gaming content. We are heavily versed in fulfilling different required deliverables for a multitude of projects. Monitoring is based on multiple JBL speaker systems and the rooms are kept in acoustically tuned specifications by Dolby Laboratories. Each room also has the unique ability to be tied into the centralized recording space - which is beneficial for automated dialog replacement and voiceover recording duties.

ADR - Automated Dialog Replacement and Voiceover

ADR & Voiceover

Automatic Dialogue Replacement - ADR, looping, or post-sync recording - and voiceover, have been a much sought after service at Smart Post Atlanta since it's inception. Our stage is well known throughout the industry as the very best in town drawing clients from all around the world on a daily basis. Our ADR stages at Smart Post are spacious enough for group recording or principal talent, while our control rooms can accommodate multiple executives with ease. We also offer remote playback and recording through Source Connect - Source Connect - ID: smartpostatlanta, Zoom, Skype, Phone Patch, and Facetime. Our ADR stages are also equipped with dedicated camera feeds that allow for a truly unique client/talent interaction.

Audio Layback and Deliverables


Creating final deliverables can be pretty daunting task. The folks here at Smart Post Atlanta have experienced them all and know how to deliver "in-spec" your most challenging requests.

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